This is first mass WALMARK Walking Competition in Jūrmala!

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We will meet there on the 23rd of September, Saturday, 12 o'clock! With this initiative we are trying to promote physical activity in society (at least 15 minutes of daily movement).

Trade your steps to our prizes! Share your positive energy! Register for free at  or !

The WALMARK Walking Competition goal is to take 15 000 steps with your family (10.5 kilometres). There are no first and second places, you can just enjoy the stroll. Once finished, you will be awarded with a wooden, hand – made medal! The reason why we have chosen the term competition instead of the stroll is a simple one – you compete with yourself!

You will be able to charge yourself and your family with the positive energy at the ELEKTRUM 5000 steps zone! There will be various activities there for all family members!

Do not forget to download and install #walk15 mobile app, which will enable you to easily count your steps everyday and prepare for the track of the competition!

An App Store link for the iOS device users:

Google Play link for the Android device users:

Share the steps you have taken and do not forget the #walk15 hashtag!